Ethereum Whales Target MATIC and LRC Amid Crypto Rebound

Ethereum Whales

Data from WhaleStats shows that Ethereum whales are amassing Polygon’s MATIC and Loopring’s LRC as the market recovers from a sell-off. 

The fourth-largest Ethereum wallet purchased 2,838,000 MATIC worth about $4.73 million, as another whale bagged $2 million worth of the asset in a different transaction. 

A third deep-pocketed investor added $1.5 million worth of MATIC. The asset now ranks fifth in the list of top purchases by the big investors, with an average purchase amount of $41,220. 

LRC, the token powering the Loopring’s non-custodial order book exchanges, is ranked at seventh position with an average purchase amount of $7,865. 

Render Token RNDR and SUSHI occupy the eighth and the ninth position with $7,197 and $6,735 average purchase prices, respectively.  

The report shows that MATIC has surpassed LINK as the most traded token among rich Ethereum holders in the past 24 hours, while MATIC is on a steady rise. 

Source: Twitter 

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