Ripple Scores Crucial Win in SEC Lawsuit, Expected to Lead To Settlement

Ripple Scores Crucial Win in SEC

Payment protocol Ripple has gained an important milestone in its lawsuit with the SEC after a Federal judge denied the commission’s motion to reconsider deliberative process privilege.

The decision was made in reference to a statement made by former SEC representative William Hinman, who said that Ethereum was not a security because it was fully decentralized.

The judge maintains that the commission’s allegation that Hinman shared his personal views is contradictory.  

The SEC is opposing the plans by Ripple to start a preliminary ruling by May, noting that more facts need to be collected beforehand.

The commission’s request for more time is reportedly causing concerns that it could be trying to delay the matter, causing speculation that the case could end in settlement.

SEC sued Ripple and its top executives for allegedly selling XRP digital tokens to investors without registering them as securities.

Source: Zycrypto

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