Major Crypto Mining Pools Hit by Connectivity Challenges


Several crypto mining pools, including F2pool, Poolin, Binance Pool, and ViaBTC have been affected by connectivity issues caused by DNS poisoning.

F2pool says that the issue in the pool’s domain name is not being properly resolved. ViaBTC users have complained that they were having difficulty accessing the platform.

Alejandro De La Torre, the founder of ProofofWork.Energy, says that the connectivity challenge is affecting only Chinese miners. De La Torre suspects that could be the action of the Chinese government.

The mining pools have advised their users to modify their DNS to handle the problem, as Binance Pool maintains that a permanent solution could be to use a VPN to bypass China’s telecoms network.

Binance Pool’s BTC hash rate has reportedly fallen 14%, F2pool’s is down 8%, while ViaBTC has dropped 7% due to the problem.

Domain Name System turns domain names into IP addresses, and poisoning occurs when malicious attacks cause traffic to be redirected to a fraudulent website.

Source: Coindesk

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