Nvidia’s Resilient Stock Performance

Nvidia’s stock continued its upward trajectory despite a tech sector selloff, demonstrating the chip maker’s resilience. While the Nasdaq Composite index experienced a significant decline, Nvidia stood out by closing up at $859.64 on Tuesday, with premarket trading showing a further increase to $868.13.

Potential catalysts on the horizon

Investor interest in Nvidia’s AI conference scheduled for March 18 is growing, with many anticipating it to be a significant catalyst for the company’s shares. Analysts like Susquehanna’s Christopher Jacobson highlight the role of AI in recent sector gains, suggesting that events like these could drive further momentum for Nvidia.

Industry-wide strength

Not only is Nvidia seeing positive momentum, but other chip makers like Advanced Micro Devices, Intel, and Marvell Technology are also experiencing growth. Despite industry volatility, Nvidia’s shares have surged by 74% this year, outperforming major indices like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite.


As Nvidia continues to navigate market fluctuations with confidence, investors are eagerly awaiting the upcoming AI conference as a potential game-changer for the company’s stock performance.

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