US Warns Blockchain Firms of North Korean State-Sponsored Hackers

North Korean State-Sponsored Hackers

The US government agencies have issued alerts that hacking groups believed to be sponsored by North Korea are targeting cryptocurrency companies.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and the US Treasury Department referred to the announcement posted on CISA’s website.

The groups mentioned are APT38, BlueNoroff, Lazarus Group, and Stardust Chollima, which reportedly present an advanced persistent threat where cybersecurity actors gain authorized access to computer systems and remain unnoticed for long.

The announcement notes that the group targets crypto exchanges, DeFi liquidity pools, and play-to-earn games to steal and launder funds of the North Korean regime.

The mentioned groups have reportedly looted huge sums of money in recent crypto heists. Lazarus has been mentioned as being behind the $600 million Ronin hack.

CISA is a federal agency in the US Department of Homeland Security that aims to improve the country’s cybersecurity and caution the public on such threats.

Source: CISA 

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