Stellar Shifts Focus to Smart Contracts in 2022 Expansion Plan

Stellar Shifts Focus to Smart Contracts

Stellar Development Foundation has committed to scaling decentralized finance with MoneyGram through smart contracts on its protocol. 

The chain anchors its 2022 roadmap on scalability and innovation, increasing network participation and focusing on diversity and inclusion.

VP Technical Strategy at Stellar, Tomer Weller, says that Stellar is focussing on decentralized finance and that smart contracts would remove obstacles.

Weller notes that the firm is assessing options for smart contracting languages and VMs, both in-house and externally. He says that the strategy is centered around safety, equitable access, and scalability.

Stellar wants to enhance DeFi capabilities with direct access to a universal system of on and off-ramps like MoneyGram.

The network unveiled its AMM DeFi feature in 2021, marking an entry into the fast-growing sector. MoneyGram has partnered with Stellar in crypto-to-cash conversions.

Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, and Cosmos are other smart contract-enabled networks that power DeFi projects.

Source: Twitter

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