Metaverse Standards Forum Partners With Multiple Firms for Interoperability 

Metaverse Standards Forum Partners With Multiple Firms for Interoperability

Metaverse Standards Forum has collaborated with top standards organizations and companies to speed the testing of metaverse standards while enhancing deployment guidelines.

The forum will center on action-based projects like the implementation of prototyping, hackathons, and open-source tooling. Forum meetings are expected to begin in July 2022, with more information on joining available on

MSF will be hosted by Khronos Group, and firms have been invited at no charge to go through the participant agreement. MSF aims to enhance consensus-based cooperation between the diverse SDOs and firms participating.

Organizations that want to offer Forum oversight and funding can reportedly choose to become principal members. The interest will inform members’ activities of its members, including diverse technology domains.

MSF will look into the lack of interoperability is holding back metaverse deployment and how the work of standards developing organizations around the evolving needs.

The membership of the organization is open to any entity. Some notable founding members include Adobe, Alibaba, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm Technologies, among others.

Source: Metaverse Standards Forum

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