Disney to Bring Metaverse to Physical World after Patent Approval

Disney to Bring Metaverse to Physical World

Disney has patented a technology that would enable handset-free augmented reality attractions for its theme park visitors.  

The personalized interactive technology would track visitors via mobile phones, create and display 3D effects onto nearby physical spaces.

The technology proposed by the entertainment giant seeks to integrate the metaverse into the real world, away from the imagination that it only exists on the internet.

Disney says that there is no immediate plan to use the simulator in the near term, but it paves the way for its envisioned theme park metaverse.  

The conglomerate got the green light for a virtual-world simulator in a real-world venue last year.

The firm’s CEO, Bob Chapek, noted earlier that Disney was preparing to combine the tangible and digital assets in its metaverse drive.

The entertainment firm defied the pandemic to make $17 billion in total revenues last year under its parks, experiences, and product segments.

Source: Cointelegraph

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