HOLO Coin Price Prediction

HOLO Coin Price Prediction

Holo (HOT)

  • The coin is the native token of Holo chain platform.
  • The Holo platform supports the development of decentralized apps outside blockchain.

What is HOLO coin?

Holo coin is the native coin of the Holo chain platform, which supports peer-to-peer hosting of dApps without blockchain technology. By hosting dApps on the internet, the Holo network hopes to act as a link between the general internet and the apps produced using Holochain. It also aims at providing a platform where users may easily access these dApps.

Holochain claims to have blockchain capabilities and states on its website that it operates on tried-and tested technology that is capable of protecting data ownership. It says it can do all this while maintaining the decentralization and accountability concepts associated with blockchain. 

At the beginning of February 2021, Holochain (HOT) saw over 2000% increase in value, which drew considerable attention. On April 5, HOT coin hit an ATH of $0.03 and became among the most talked-about assets at the time. The approval of Holo’s rrDHT by the United States Patent and Trademark Office was the primary reason behind the price spike. 

The Holochain market capitalization is currently $2,215,917,187, and 172.94 bln HOT out of the 177,619,433,541 total supply are in circulation.

Is HOLO coin a good investment?

According to its trading statistics over the past 2 years, Holo coin is a good investment. To date, the asset has a return on investment of 1,164.99%. In addition, it has risen from 0.000616 to 0.00930, representing a growth of 1,409% year-to-date.  If you had bought $100 worth of Holo coin on January 1st 2021 and held on to it, that investment would be worth $1,409. That is definitely a good return over a relatively short period.

Should I invest in HOLO coin today?

Holo coin has shown a relatively high degree of volatility, which is nonetheless typical of crypto assets. In the past 90 days, it has risen to highs of $0.01332 and the lowest price recorded was 0.00470. This shows a difference of -43% between the current price and the 90-day high and +98% between the current price and the 90-day low.  

While the divergence is wide, investing in Holo coin today would be a good decision. At the time of writing, the MACD indicator confirms the bearish trend, showing that the coin will most likely be down and offered at a good price in the near term. Therefore, this is probably the best time to buy and hodl.  

HOLOUSD daily price chart since August 2021

Technical analysis for CRYPTO: HOT

Best case scenario:  

HOT price has maintained a relatively strong momentum despite staying in a range for the past two weeks. The RSI is currently at 52 and the indicator line is pointing upward, signaling a likelihood of bullish control. If the momentum strengthens further, the bulls could propel the price up to the first resistance at $0.00981 and possibly a second resistance level marginally higher at $0.01018.

Worst case scenario:

HOTUSD has been sloping down and the weak RSI may not do much to trigger a breakout. The MACD line is overlaying the signal line, which makes bearishness plausible. If bearish sentiment sets in, the pair could slip to establish the first support level at $0.012 and the second support at a 3-week low of $0.0105.

HOTUSD daily price chart with RSI and MACD indicators

Will HOLO coin hit $1 in a year?

Over the past nine months, the crypto market has had its peaks and troughs, making that period particularly good for assessing the growth of the digital assets. For Hot coin, it has seen its all-time-high price recorded during that period. This therefore gives us a good picture of the asset at its best.

Over the past nine months, Hot coin has grown at an average of 89.62% per month. Working with a monthly growth rate of 89.62%, Hot coin will likely be worth about $0.02 in the next one year.

What is HOLO coin price prediction for 2025?

Using the same average monthly growth rate of 89.62% discussed above, Hot coin price will likely rise to $0.32 per token by October 2025. If we apply the -43% variation between the current price and the 90-day high and the 98% variation between the current price and the 90-day low discussed above, the asset could rise to a maximum of $0.45 or slip to a minimum of $0.0064 in the next 4 years.

The best way to buy HOLO coin

Holo coin isn’t available on many exchanges. You can buy it on Binance where it trades against USDT, Probit Exchange, Bitru or Eightcap.

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