Best 8 Crypto News Sites

Best 8 Crypto News Sites

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are two of the biggest topics right now, and they’re only getting started. The growing interest in digital currencies, whether for information or fun, is overwhelming. There are websites dedicated to blockchain and crypto information and keeping readers up to date on the newest developments in the crypto world. Expect quick changes in this industry because it is constantly changing. Because these sites are rapidly increasing in number, some of them provide incorrect information. It is vital to identify the most trustworthy source. In this article, we will discuss the best ones to consider.


CoinDesk logo

This site is based in New York and was founded by Shakil Khan in 2003. Digital Currency Group later purchased the company. It has an app that offers exclusive material to subscribers. You can keep track of price fluctuations and which cryptocurrencies are more volatile.

The CoinDesk indices are the market’s leading indicator. They are the industry standard for institutional-grade bitcoin pricing, with billions of dollars in monthly trading activity quoted against them.

Bloomberg, Business Insider, The Economist, Financial Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today are just a few of the top media publications that consistently highlight notable CoinDesk journalists and cryptocurrency prices.


CCN price analysis page

It’s a media company based in Norway committed to providing readers with accurate and timely coverage of everything that is happening in the crypto world. Breaking news from around the globe is one of CCN’s most popular segments.

The site’s blog section may teach you about cryptocurrency. It looks at the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Cardano. It also provides information on crypto play-to-earn games like World of Ether (WoE) and current news on the subject.


TodayOnChain cryptocurrencies page

This website aims to bring together all of the most valuable information and resources about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in one place. It compiles news from a range of sources, including the Financial Times, to provide a wealth of information about the industry.

The data is collected, selected, and aggregated using an automated script. As a result, you can rest assured that the news collection is always up to date. A list of cryptocurrencies is also accessible and their prices and rankings. Anyone interested in investing may find this material interesting. You can also find a curated collection of tweets from major influencers on the site.


Cointelegraph home page

Toni Lane Casserly established it in 2013. It is a source of cryptocurrency news, market analysis, and legal problems highlighted by mainstream media and publications. It offers a number of market tools, such as price indexes for a number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

There’s also an ICO calendar and a tool for comparing exchange rates. It also updates and posts information about news, market research, 101 how-to articles, and numerous educational films on its website on a daily basis!

The site’s wide choice of language options is one of its distinctive qualities. You can read articles and news in Arabic, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Turkish.


NewsBTC logo

The company was founded in October of 2013 and is based in the Greater London area of the United Kingdom. Its mission is to provide investors with educational news pieces, interviews, and other content that will assist them in better comprehending the cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

Their editorial objective is to deliver factual information and analysis rather than hearsay and guesswork. Many new advancements in cryptocurrencies arise every day, and they work hard to keep investors up to date on the most recent developments.

Exclusive interviews with industry specialists are also featured on NewsBTC, where they address various topics new projects. It also publishes articles on mining and initial coin offers (ICOs).

Null TX

Null TX logo

The headquarters are in San Francisco, and the firm was founded in June 2014. Its mission is to provide the most up-to-date news in cryptocurrency, finance, information security, and technology. The goal is to generate engaging and educational content and become a useful resource for anyone who wants to stay up to date on these topics.

It has a dedicated news section as well as a variety of educational articles on topics ranging from how to make money with cryptocurrencies to how to create your own. It also has a finance section that keeps readers up to date on the newest developments. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D printing, biotechnology, and other topics are covered in the technology section.


Bitcoinist logo

It was founded in 2013 and is based in Hungary. This site is great for anyone looking for up-to-date industry news and in-depth discussion articles on all aspects of the industry. This site has made a name for itself as a reliable source of unbiased cryptocurrency mining hardware evaluations.

The Bitcoinist Insights tech market intelligence tool analyzes millions of data points on venture capital, startups, patents, collaborations, and news mentions. In addition, banner adverts, email newsletter sponsorships, and sponsored promotional material are available as options to market on the site.


CoinMarketCap logo

CoinMarketCap is one of the most-referenced price-tracking services for crypto assets in the fast-growing cryptocurrency market. Its mission is to make cryptocurrency more accessible and efficient all across the world by giving unbiased, high-quality, and accurate information to retail customers so that they can make their own informed decisions.

CNBC, Bloomberg, and other major news organizations frequently reference this site. It includes graphs and charts that display the prices of numerous cryptocurrencies on various exchanges.

It also serves as an ICO tracker, with data on planned and already completed token offerings. The website displays how many tokens were sold and what % of the total was raised at each session.


Last, but not least, on our site, you will find the latest news as well as constantly updated price predictions for multiple coins, based on estimates of our users polled.


If you decide to invest in blockchain technology or not, keeping up with the latest developments in the blockchain or cryptocurrency sector is a benefit. Several websites can provide you with the most up-to-date information. If you’re seeking a reliable and accurate website, those mentioned above 8 are the best.

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