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Cornix is a cryptocurrency trading  bot that sends alerts via TradingView and Telegram. According to the vendor, this system has high-end features that allow you to trade with minimum risk. In this Cornix review, we will analyze the different aspects of the system to figure out whether it is truly reliable. 

One of the most disappointing aspects of this system is the lack of vendor transparency. On the official website, there is no information provided about the parent company. We don’t know where it is located or when it was founded. The vendor has not shared any official contact information either.

Cornix overview

You can connect Cornix to multiple Telegram signals channels or TradingView scripts. This lets the system initiate trades on your exchange account. For each trade, Cornix highlights numerous entry points, as well as stop-loss and take-profit orders. On the same balance, it uses simultaneous stop loss and take profit orders. You can also split your entry and take profit targets. 

It is possible to automate the strategies for the take profit and automatic entry. You can also choose fixed stop loss and trading lot size. Using a single interface, you can view and manage all your trades across multiple exchanges. The interface also outlines the trading history and contains data related to risk and reward.

Whenever there is a trading opportunity or a profit, the system will notify you via Telegram. You will also receive push alerts on your smartphone. Cornix lets you utilize Pine script to include customized strategies and indicators in your trading operations. You can link the system to an exchange of your choice and closely monitor the portfolio. You can initiate trades using a digital currency of your choice. 

After you choose a trading signal channel, Cornix analyzes all the configurations and signals and makes suggestions accordingly. This system supports exchanges like FTX, Binance Futures, Binance, Bittrex, BitMex, Huobi, Kucoin, Deribit, and Bybit. 

The idea behind Cornix

Many crypto traders look for a company that is passionate and has a long-term goal. They want the organization to be motivated by something other than profits. Mission statements tell us about the company’s motto and its greater goal. Unfortunately, the vendor has not shared the idea behind Cornix. Thus, it comes across as just another company trying to sell its services.

Team members

It is important to make sure the operations of crypto systems are handled by experts. Reliable vendors always share the identities of the team members. This allows potential buyers to check their credentials and background. After all, trading in crypto comes with its fair share of risks and you don’t want to invest money on a system that is built and managed by amateurs. 

Oddly, there is no information on the core team members of Cornix. This is not a sign of a reliable system. It creates serious transparency issues and would cause most traders to shy away from this crypto bot.

Safety of Cornix and the network

The vendor claims that Cornix uses complex network security, but does not elaborate on it further. Crypto traders generally wish to ensure the trading system has adequate security features including encryptions that protect sensitive personal data. The lack of information in this department is a major red flag that will deter many traders from investing.

Other notes

Pricing plans of Cornix.

There are three monthly subscription plans for this crypto trader. The Beginner plan costs $19.90 per month and it provides you with Primary API slots, customer support, simultaneous take profit, and stop-loss orders, trading notifications, Telegram Bot integration, and manual trading. With the Intermediate plan, you get all these and automatic signals following, all for $26.90 per month. The Pro plan costs $38.40 and it comes with a mobile app, trading view integration, and optimized channel configurations. There is no mention of a refund policy.

Client testimonials

Customer review for Cornix on Trustpilot.

There are not many reviews for thistrading tool on third-party websites and this indicates a lack of reputation. On Trustpilot, one of the customers has complained that the company representatives do not respond to queries. 

Is Cornix a legit investment service?

Our verdict

Our verdict
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Cornix is not a trading crypto bot that is safe and reliable. There is a general dearth of information about this system and the whole thing seems like a scam. We know nothing about the parent company and it seems the system is lacking in security features.
Cornix is not a trading crypto bot that is safe and reliable. There is a general dearth of information about this system and the whole thing seems like a scam. We know nothing about the parent company and it seems the system is lacking in security features.


  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Lack of security features
  • No information on team members
  • Lack of vendor transparency
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