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Tuned is a crypto trading platform where you can create, test, and automate your strategies. You can also connect to different crypto exchanges and trade in digital currencies using this platform. In this Tuned review, we will try to determine whether the system is reliable or not. 

There is very little information on the parent company, which is not a sign of a reliable service provider. We don’t know where the headquarters of this organization is located, and the vendor has not shared any official contact information. When you click on the “Contact Us” button on the website, it takes you to Microsoft Outlook from where you can send a mail to the service team.

Tuned overview 

The presentation on the official website looks attractive from an aesthetic point of view but lacks useful information. We don’t have proper explanations for the features, and the vendor has made some empty claims on how the system is better than others. There is some information on the team members and the pricing plans have been outlined along with their respective offerings. In the Documentation section, we can find some general information related to trading terminology and how to connect with the exchanges.

According to the vendor, you have full ownership of the strategies you create and you can create a license to monetize them without revealing the source code. We don’t think this information needed to be highlighted, since it is a common practice for these kinds of platforms. There are more than a hundred different indicators to choose from. While some of them are quite basic, others have a high degree of complexity. 

Using the visualization tool, you can analyze patterns and visualize your trading ideas on the platform. You also have the option of running tests one by one or in bulk. Through the Tuned platform, you can get access to different crypto exchanges like Binance, BitMex, Bybit, FTX, Coinbase, and Nash. The company is currently working to establish ties with the Okex and Kraken exchanges as well.

Tuned lets you monitor the performance of the strategies you create and analyze how they are affecting your portfolio. With the Cloud Testing Suite, you can run a 1-year backtest in 3.4 seconds. The system uses dynamic take profits and stop losses with every trade and lets you access older versions of your trading scheme for performance comparison purposes. 

The idea behind Tuned 

Most reliable Crypto platform providers nowadays have a company motto mentioned on their respective websites. It tells the potential customer what the company stands for and what it hopes to achieve in the future. In the ever-expanding crypto market, it is important to assure the customer that you are not there just for the business, but unfortunately, no such statements can be found for Tuned. 

The core team

Leadership team of Tuned.

The Tuned team consists of co-founder and CEO Alkarim Nasser, co-founder and CTO Anurag Gulati, and other founding team members Logan Aube and Nick Berard. Alkraim Nasser has a history of working as a production leader for Facebook, while Mr. Gulati has worked with companies like American Express, Facebook, and Uber. 

Safety of Tuned and the network 

As per vendor claims, this platform has enterprise-level security. In spite of that, we have no information regarding what security measures it takes to protect sensitive user data. The lack of information about safety features is a major red flag and it would cause serious crypto traders to shy away from this system.

Other notes 

Pricing plans of Tuned.

There are three pricing plans for Tuned, namely Free, Community, and Performance. While the first two plans are offered for free, the Performance plan carries a high monthly fee of $300. The vendor does not charge any transaction fee for any of the plans. With the Performance plan, you get a dedicated account manager, and the ability to run 250k backtests simultaneously. All of the plans come with unlimited paper trading, strategy versioning, link sharing, data bulk export, and unlimited live runs. 

Client testimonials 

Customer testimonials on the official website.

We couldn’t find any authentic user reviews for this platform on third-party websites. There are few customer testimonials on the official website, but it is highly likely that the vendor manufactured them. 

Is Tuned a legit investment service?

Our verdict

Our verdict
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At the end of our review, we have reached the verdict that Tuned is not a reliable trading platform. It is sold by a company with zero reputation and it seems the platform doesn’t have adequate security features. All of these factors make it a very risky investment.
At the end of our review, we have reached the verdict that Tuned is not a reliable trading platform. It is sold by a company with zero reputation and it seems the platform doesn’t have adequate security features. All of these factors make it a very risky investment.


  • Free plans available


  • Lack of vendor transparency
  • Lack of advanced security features
  • No customer reviews
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