Texas Governor Turns to Bitcoin Miners to Incentivize Energy Production

Energy Production

Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, thinks that Bitcoin miners could help stabilize the electricity grid in the state as he seeks to promote the cryptocurrency industry.

Abbot argues that by having Bitcoin mining activity in the southern state, energy providers would ramp up the infrastructure.

The governor wants miners to stop operations during high energy demand, which has been criticized as inefficient and unsustainable.

Texas Blockchain Council President, Lee Bratcher, says that mining would be an additional revenue stream and strengthen the energy grid.

Texas residents have had problems with the management of the electrical grid, with prices often rising during peak times. The state was hit by power outages last winter that contributed to fatalities in storms.

Senator Ted Cruz and Steve Adler are other politicians who think that mining is a solution to the challenges around Texas energy production.

Source: Decrypt

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