Solana Faces Security Concerns in another DDoS Attack

DDoS Attack

Solana network suffered another distributed denial-of-service attack on Tuesday, January 4th, which took the network down for four hours.

Solana foundation has not made any communication concerning the incident, but users on Twitter have confirmed the huge network slowdown.

The attack is a third of its kind in six months, where attackers have been using spam data to execute the network breach.

Solana came under sharp criticism following a similar incident, where the network suffered instability for 45 minutes in September 2021.

The technical challenge that caused a 17-hour outage was reportedly caused by mass botting activity in Raydium’s IDO network.

The second DDoS attack caused heavy congestion, but the system remained online. Solana co-founder, Raj Gokal, blamed SolChicks NFT game on the issue.  

A DDoS occurs when attackers overwhelm a network by sending several requests to the site and hindering the protocol from functioning normally.

Source: Cryptopotato

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