Ethereum to Dominate the Financial Industry in the Next Decade, Pantera CIO Says

Ethereum to Dominate the Financial Industry

Pantera Capital Co-Chief Investment Officer, Joey Krug, thinks that Ethereum would account for 50% of global transactions in the next ten years.

Krug maintains that the network is far from being challenged by competing platforms despite the need for ETH 2.0 upgrade completion.

He reveals that Ether, currently the second most valuable crypto by market capitalization, is one among Pantera’s top three positions across funds.

The Ethereum network has seen a surge in DeFi applications around wealth management and growth.

The fast-paced growth has escalated the challenge of high transaction fees and slower speeds.

The much-awaited ETH 2.0 seeking to improve speeds is being rolled out in phases, with its completion expected in 2023.  

Pantera is one of the pioneer digital-asset investment firms ranked among the largest crypto-focused funds with $5.8 billion in assets.

Source: Bloomberg

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