BitMEX Adds Support for Ether in Product Expansion

Support for Ether

Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has announced that it has added support for ether in deposit, withdrawals, and trading with plans to add more tokens in the future.

Users on the exchange can purchase the asset instantly aside from the existing Bitcoin and Tether. The crypto can be bought by choosing from 36 fiat currency options. The amount to be deposited is entered and the crypto selected.

BitMEX users will get 2.5 BMEX for every 1,000 USDT they convert in an offering that will last until March 31. Pairs supported include ETH, XBT, and USDT.

The exchange also offers the option of selecting a suitable payment service provider based on the guidelines of the gateway partners.

BitMEX has assured users that they can convert USDT to ETH without hidden costs. The firm also announced that their clients will not incur slippage costs due to the instant settlements.

Source: BitMex

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