Samsung New Metaverse Store to Feature Adventures and Musical Events

Samsung New Metaverse Store

Samsung Electronics US has collaborated with Decentraland to launch a virtual version of its 837 Store to host events for a limited period.

The virtual store, 837X, features connectivity theater, Sustainability Forest, and Customization Stage.

The Connectivity Theater is set to host Samsung’s news from the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show, which started on January 5.

The Customization Stage in the 837X virtual store will feature a live dance event hosted by DJ Gamma Vibes.

Users would get a chance to take part in competitions to win 837X NFT badges and one of three unique wearables. Winners are set to be revealed at 8:37 PM ET on January 7.   

The electronics giant said on Thursday that the move was the biggest brand land acquisition in the history of Decentraland.

Samsung’s physical store is at 837 Washington Street in New York City’s Meatpacking District, Manhattan.

The move by Samsung complements its latest advancement in the metaverse space, with the announcement of a smart TV at the start of the week that enables users to buy NFT.

Source: The Block

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