BNB Chain to Introduce Sidechains in Scaling Attempts

BNB Chain

Blockchain platform BNB Chain plans to add sidechains to increase throughput and to cut costs for supported decentralized applications.

The BNB Chain Application Sidechain will allow developers to port data from the chain, reducing transactional charges.

Binance notes that the BAS system will enable developers and node operators to deploy their blockchain as an internal value system for a larger audience.

BAS will be able to operate independently aside from hosting the BNB Chain suited decentralized applications. The autonomy will enable teams to select validator sets rather than depending on the mainnet protocol.

BNB Chain developers are preparing technical details on the BAS testnet, which will be centered on GameFi. The infrastructure compares to Ronin, Axie Infinity’s sidechain on Ethereum.

The introduction of the sidechain follows Binance’s plans announced last month for supporting large-scale applications in GameFi and SocialFi.

Source: The Block

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