Cloudflare to Launch Ethereum Nodes for Efficiency Research

Cloudflare to Launch Ethereum

Cyber security company Cloudflare is planning to launch fully staked Ethereum validator nodes in the coming few months to study the aspects of the network.

The company is planning to research energy efficiency, consistency management, and network speed of PoS networks as part of the objectives toward environmental sustainability.

Cloudflare says that it is experimenting with the next generation of Web3 blockchains, adapting the proof-of-stake, starting with Ethereum. The network will reportedly launch between the third and the fourth quarter of the year.

Cloudflare was created in 2010 to offer web security services like the control of distributed denial-of-service to guard against DDoS attacks.

The company maintains that the test is geared towards the protection of the environment and helping to strike a balance in reducing energy consumption in Web3 technologies. The firm expects the upcoming upgrades to play a key role.

Source: Cointelegraph

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