MicroStrategy Adds $414.4M Worth of Bitcoin in Q4 to its Asset Base


MicroStrategy has announced that it purchased an estimated 7,002 bitcoins for $414.4 million in the fourth quarter of the 2021 fiscal year.

The company says that it bought the tokens for approximately $59,187 per bitcoin, including expenses and fees in a cash transaction.

Microstrategy has revealed that it owns an estimated 121,044 bitcoin as of November 29, acquired at an average price of $29,534, including fees and expenses. The firm’s total bitcoin holding now stands at about $3.57 billion.

The US firm has also announced that it sold about 571,001 shares for $414.4 million in the quarter, for approximately $732.16 per share. 

MicroStrategy is reportedly the largest public firm with the highest BTC holdings, followed by Tesla. The company, based in Virginia, provides business intelligence and mobile software services.

Source: MicroStrategy

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