Iagon’s Ethereum-Cardano Bridge Goes Live via Milkomeda Sidechain

Iagon’s Ethereum-Cardano Bridge

Decentralized cloud computing platform Iagon has enabled its cross-chain bridge to support USDC and ERC20 on Ethereum and Cardano through the Milkomeda sidechain.

The bridge has been deployed in a beta test version to convert tokens set for wrapping and unwrapping IAG tokens on the Ethereum and Cardano networks.

The offering enables the swapping of ERC20 IAG for native assets ported from Cardano blockchain with the solution powered by Milkomeda.

The platform users must have at least 4 milkAda tokens in their wallets to complete the swap. ADA tokens can be transferred from any Cardano wallet to an EVM wallet.

Users can link the bridge page to Cardano using Nami or Flint wallets, and select Milkomeda C1 and send their ADA to the given addresses.

The announcement has caused the price of Cardano’s ADA tokens to surge 11.95% in the past 24 hours at $0.5216 and that of Ether is up 6% at $0.907.

Source: Iagon Bridge 

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