Bouygues Reports Increase in Net Profit for the First Nine Months

Bouygues, the French construction-and-media conglomerate, has reaffirmed its guidance for the year after announcing a rise in net profit for the first nine months. This increase in profit can be attributed to the contribution of Equans.

Impressive Financials

During the first nine months of the year, Bouygues recorded a net profit of €665 million ($706 million), up from €537 million in the previous year. This significant increase was complemented by a 38% growth in revenue, which amounted to €40.89 billion. Additionally, the company’s current operating profit for the period reached €1.55 billion, marking a 28% YoY increase.

Strong Growth and Expansion

Bouygues experienced a surge in orders intake at its construction business, seeing a 50% rise to reach €8.14 billion. Notably, this growth was largely driven by foreign markets rather than domestic ones.

Furthermore, the order backlog for Bouygues’ construction businesses grew by 8%, reaching €29.78 billion as of the end of September. Bouygues Construction, in particular, witnessed a remarkable 12% increase in its order backlog.

Positive Outlook

Despite the challenges faced by various industries, Bouygues remains optimistic about its performance for the rest of the year. The company reiterates its confident outlook and commitment to achieving its goals.

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