How to Join the Metaverse and What for

How to Join the Metaverse and What for

One way to describe the concept of a metaverse is that it is a shared digital environment that makes use of cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

A metaverse may have many virtual worlds where people can engage in a wide range of physical and digital activities at the same time. With the metaverse, your online activities, such as shopping, interacting with friends and family, and attending concerts, will be immersive experiences without you having to stare at the computer screen.

Types of metaverses you can join

The metaverse is still in its infancy, yet there are already numerous ways to enjoy its experiences. Let’s look at some examples below.

Play-to-earn games

The goal of metaverse games is to provide players with a more immersive experience than regular games. The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, and Decentraland are all examples of play-to-earn metaverse games. Since these games are based on blockchain, gamers can trade in-game NFTs for real-world currency. 

Axies graphics example

Notably, the degree to which these games are both immersive and high-definition differs. Some games, for example, allow the use of virtual reality (VR) gear while others do not. Most metaverse games require some sort of digital wallet to play and earn under the P2E model.

Social spaces

User-created avatars (often in 3D) allow people to interact in social virtual reality areas. The use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is necessary to get the most out of a metaverse social environment, as opposed to standard chat rooms and VRChat. For the most part, users of social space metaverses can purchase land plots on which to showcase artwork, build structures, or simply create a private meeting place for themselves.

Investing in virtual land

The acquisition of land plots and parcels is a critical component of many P2E games in the metaverse. The virtual plots are typically NFTs. Most games such as The Sandbox Decentraland, Splinterlands, and Uplands have parcels of land in the form of NFTs. These lands are also tokenized and sold as in-game items. 

Players have to spend crypto to buy this land and establish their real estate, including residential buildings, commercial buildings, art galleries, events centers, casinos, etc. Many companies have also resorted to buying prime plots to establish their real estate and brand their spaces in the metaverse as a marketing strategy.  

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)  

These are digital tokens that signify ownership of digital artwork, photographs, and video games, among other things. Similarly, NFTs are intended to accomplish the same when it comes to the metaverse representation of virtual land assets. You can invest in various metaverse spaces by buying and selling in-game items, which are typically in the form of NFTs. Also, NFTs are tradable in various NFT marketplaces.


Many tech companies have invested billions of dollars in developing workspaces modeled in the metaverse. Here, professionals can experience an enhanced level of interactions, using avatars and VR to understand better projects they are working on as a team.

Live events

In addition, the metaverse is designed to accommodate live music, sporting events, gallery openings, and other forms of entertainment and cultural expression. The metaverse attempts to provide a more authentic experience than just live streaming, allowing users to attend events, mingle with other attendees, and even purchase merchandise at metaverse concerts.

What you’ll need to get started in the Metaverse

Tokens: Most metaverses have their native tokens that serve as currencies that power them. Therefore, depending on the metaverse you are joining, you may need tokens in form of cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

VR/AR glasses: For a truly immersive experience, you may want to invest in a VR headset or a pair of AR smart glasses. Your VR experience may either be greatly fulfilling or underwhelming, depending on your choice of VR headset.

Haptic gloves: This type of glove is geared toward enabling people’s tactile contact with virtual environments. Users will be able to “feel” the weight and softness of virtual items when they wear gloves and interact with the virtual environment.

How to join the metaverse in easy steps

Get a virtual representation of yourself (An Avatar).

Participation in most metaverses necessitates having an avatar. Avatars allow users to customize their characters down to the tiniest of details, such as hair and eye color, outfit, and even jewelry. When it comes to your character’s attire, you have complete control over how it looks.

Explore your virtual world

Your in-game world is waiting for you once you’ve spent enough time choosing your character’s appearance in VR, XR, or AR. There are many ways to explore your metaverse environment, such as playing games, battling with other players, or even chatting with other people in the virtual world.

 How will the metaverse change the world?

  • Improved e-commerce: Because it will be possible to try on virtual garments and appliances, among other things, the metaverse can help eliminate some of the drawbacks of online shopping, such as the high return rate of ill-fitting clothing or misrepresented products.
  • Better remote work experience: In-person contact and spontaneity made possible by the metaverse’s in-person interaction and the ability to work from anywhere at any time could be revolutionary for businesses and their employees.
  • Better manufacturing: Manufacturers will likely use metaverse prototyping in the future to optimize their production processes. To develop the best possible designs, they will be able to test and assess functionality without having access to any hardware at all. 

It will also be possible to test software and replicate real-world physical integrations in the metaverse before implementing them in the real world. Boeing, for example, has already indicated that it will construct and test its next aircraft in the metaverse instead of the real world.

In summary

All the potential within the metaverse will inevitably intersect with our everyday activities. Its primary goal is to coexist with our actual reality, alongside our physical selves in our real-world realms. When it comes to investment and employment, this presents a tremendous opportunity to break down the barriers of time zones and physical regions.

Nonetheless, the metaverse is still a relatively new concept, and it will take some time to permeate into our normal lives. In the meantime, it is worth learning more about the metaverse and the possibilities it carries.

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