US Government Secretly Mining Bitcoin, Insider Reveals

US Government Secretly Mining Bitcoin

US government advisor and CEO of Compass Mining, Whit Gibbs, says that the US government is already mining bitcoin.

Gibbs reveals that there are 10-20 watts of mining test operations in the Midwest while maintaining that it was a matter of national security.

The cryptocurrency expert views blockchain technology as the future of financial instruments and that the US was the leader. He adds that they have been in talks with the US government in DC to bring them up to speed in matters of blockchain infrastructure.

Gibbs says that bitcoin mining was the ideal way to level up in the new space and that El Salvador was making a wise decision.

El Salvador and Venezuela are reportedly other countries mining the digital asset, as countries remain silent on their bitcoin mining activities. 

Best Business Show’s Anthony Pompliano says a state agent had revealed to him a secret bitcoin mining activity by a US law enforcement agent dating back to 2013.

Source: Beincrypto

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