Ukraine Confirms Crypto Airdrop Amid Putin’s Aggression

Ukraine Confirms Crypto Airdrop

The Ukrainian government has announced on Twitter that it would launch an airdrop as Russian aggression that has threatened global peace continues.  

The country announced on its official Twitter account that a snapshot would be taken on March 3 at 6 PM Kyiv time, and a reward will follow afterward.

The post did not clarify what snapshot, a term usually referring to the initial steps in an airdrop, meant in the announcement.

Zelenskyi’s administration has been using online platforms, including memes, to raise funds and highlight the effect of the Kremlin invasion.

The Eastern European nation has raised over $30 million in cryptocurrency donations since February 26. The country is also raising more funds using traditional instruments like war bonds.

An Airdrop rewards early investors in new cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens.

Source: Twitter

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