Iagon’s Ethereum-Cardano Bridge Beta Version Goes Live

Beta Version

Decentralized cloud computing platform Iagon’s token bridge is now live on Cardano, moving along 50% equivalent to 500 million IAG token supply from Ethereum.

The new bridge uses a solution offered by Milkomeda, a layer two protocol, and the Nomad protocol. Iagon has also hinted at plans to include support for other ERC20 projects.

Cardano boosted its aspects of interoperability after the Milkomeda Foundation announced the unveiling of Milkomeda C1 towards the end of March. Cardano CI is a layer 2 Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible sidechain that allows dApps to be hosted in the Cardano network.

The news comes ahead of the expected Cardano Mainnet hard fork on June 29, with the blockchain’s parent company having announced that the end of May will mark the close of the public testnet phase. ADA is currently trading at $0.48, about a 6% dip in the past 24 hours.

Source: Twitter 

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