The Rise of American Bourbon and Cigar Culture

The Rise of American Bourbon and Cigar Culture

Americans have developed an enduring love for bourbon and other domestically-made whiskeys. In recent years, the sales for these spirits have skyrocketed, reaching an impressive $5.1 billion in 2022, as reported by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.

Simultaneously, there has been a resurgence of appreciation for a fine cigar among Americans. The import of premium, hand-rolled cigars has climbed from 330 million stogies in 2017 to a staggering 464.5 million in 2022, as revealed by the Premium Cigar Association.

Naturally, the combination of bourbon and cigars is a match made in heaven. Recognizing this, Joseph Magnus, a distillery based in Michigan with roots dating back to the pre-prohibition era, has been offering a cigar-friendly bourbon of exceptional quality for the past few years. This high-demand spirit is available in limited quantities and tends to sell out quickly, according to Matt Overway, the production manager for Joseph Magnus.

The Art of Crafting a Perfect Cigar-Friendly Bourbon

Creating a bourbon that harmonizes beautifully with a cigar is no easy feat. Overway explains that the key lies in producing a rich and robust sip that can hold its own against the powerful flavors of tobacco.

The Perfect Blend of Whiskey and Cigars

Part of what makes a great whiskey is its proof. It needs to be strong enough to hold its own, and the Cigar Blend we had the pleasure of trying certainly did not disappoint with its impressive 114 proof. But it’s not just about the strength; aging the spirit to perfection is equally important. That’s why the Cigar Blend is a harmonious blend of whiskeys aged for approximately 10 to 18 years. To add a touch of sophistication, this whiskey is finished in barrels once used for Armagnac, giving it a unique complexity with delightful notes of sweetness.

A Match Made in Heaven

As a cigar-loving whiskey enthusiast, I was particularly excited to explore the Cigar Blend. And true to Overway’s claim, this bourbon is bold enough to stand up to even the strongest cigar. With every sip, you can expect a symphony of flavors ranging from vanilla and dried fruit to a subtle hint of spice, all accompanied by a satisfying boozy kick. In short, it’s a robust and delicious experience.

Quality without Breaking the Bank

While the Magnus Cigar Blend undoubtedly delivers an exceptional drinking experience, it’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily need to spend $200 to find a whiskey (or any other spirit) that pairs well with your favorite cigar. Personally, I find aged rums and Calvados, a French apple brandy, to be wonderful companions for my smokes – and these can be enjoyed for under $100 or less. Additionally, there are many flavorful bourbons available at a much more affordable price than $200. Still, if you’re looking for an indulgent treat, the Magnus Cigar Blend is an absolute delight.

In conclusion, the Cigar Blend offers the perfect marriage between the world of whiskey and cigars. Its boldness and complexity make it a match made in heaven for any cigar enthusiast. So, whether you choose to splurge on the Magnus Cigar Blend or explore other options, there’s no denying that a good whiskey and a fine cigar are a match made to be cherished.

How to Enjoy It

When it comes to enjoying this drink, Overway has a couple of suggestions.

Pairing with a Cigar

Overway recommends having this drink neat if you’re pairing it with a cigar. This way, the proof stays high, creating a bold and intense flavor profile.

Sipping on Its Own

If you prefer to enjoy this drink without a cigar, Overway suggests trying it with some ice. As the ice slowly blends into the whiskey, it brings about a change in the proof, creating a captivating journey of flavors.

Whether you choose to pair it with a cigar or sip it on its own, make sure to savor each sip and discover the unique nuances of this exquisite drink.

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