Senate Approves Short-Term Funding Measure to Avoid Government Shutdown

The Senate, controlled by the Democrats, has successfully passed a short-term funding measure to prevent a partial government shutdown scheduled for this weekend. This comes after the Republican-controlled House of Representatives gave its approval to the continuing resolution on Tuesday.

Late on Wednesday night, the measure was passed with a decisive vote of 87-11.

President Joe Biden intends to sign the two-tiered measure into law, as stated by the White House. It is worth noting that this measure “maintains current funding levels and has no harmful policy riders.”

Crafted by House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, this funding measure sets the stage for further funding battles in early 2024. It extends government funding for certain agencies and programs until January 19, while others will be funded until February 2.

  • Ahead of the House vote to avoid government shutdown, Speaker Johnson emphasizes the importance of choosing winnable battles.
  • The Senate could potentially pass a bill to avert a government shutdown “as soon as today,” according to Schumer.

The government’s funding was set to expire on Friday, which would have triggered a partial shutdown early Saturday in the absence of an agreement among U.S. lawmakers regarding a spending package.

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