Tesla Unveils Support for Dogecoin Payments

Dogecoin Payments

US Electric vehicles manufacturer, Tesla, has published a guide on how customers can make payments for selected products using Dogecoin.

Users who want to use the service at  Tesla Shop should have a Dogecoin Wallet connected to the Tesla Dogecoin account.

The system displays Tesla Dogecoin Wallet address as an alphanumeric code and a QR code to facilitate the transfer.

Dogecoin payments attract fees charged by the wallet service providers. The selected products are priced in DOGE inclusive of their taxes.  

The payments take about one minute to complete, and an order confirmation email is sent once the Dogecoin network has confirmed the transfer.

The Dogecoin network could take up to six hours to confirm payment, and users have been advised to contact wallet providers in case of delays.

Tesla goods purchased with Dogecoin are final sales and cannot be returned to the store or exchanged for cash.

The guide also warns of potential security risks if the Dogecoin protocol is hacked and the resulting effect on transactions.

Source: Tesla

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