Request Network Surpasses $170M in 2021 Cumulative Crypto Payments

Crypto Payments

Request network reached 4,352 total transactions in December 2021, with the total cryptocurrency payment volume exceeding $170 million last year.  

Cumulative Crypto Payments

The firm paid $8.5 million in the December cryptocurrency invoices amid its rapid market expansion.

USDC is the most used cryptocurrency in the network at 24.2% of the total paid invoices, followed by SAND and DAI at 19.1% and 18.6%, respectively.  The growing metaverse activities support SAND usage.

Request Finance recorded 7,980 users, comprising new firms and freelancers, in 2021, with an average monthly increase of 23%.

The number of invoices that REQ issued in December was 1,706, a 29% increase compared to the preceding month.

The issued-to-paid ratio, a metric that ascertains the network’s user experience, was 65% in December.  

Request currently assist over a thousand businesses in managing their cryptocurrency payment solutions and financials.

Source: Twitter

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