Goldman Sachs Teams up With Galaxy Digital to Offer Clients ETH Exposure

American investment bank Goldman Sachs is introducing customers to Galaxy Digital’s Ethereum fund as per a regulatory document filed with the SEC.

The Form D filing notes that Goldman Sachs will receive an introduction fee for all users it brings to the Galaxy Institutional Ether Fund.

The filing reveals that the fund, which sets $250,000 as a minimum investment, has sold more than $50 million to 28 clients.

Alternative investment firm CAIS Capital will take placement fees for client referrals to the institutional funds in a separate Galaxy-supported Ethereum fund.

Galaxy Digital struck a deal with Goldman Sachs last year to provide liquidity to Goldman Sachs’ bitcoin futures offering.

The financial service firm also offers a BTC fund to Morgan Stanley’s clients in a similar program to that of Goldman Sachs.

Source: SEC

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