Polygon’s Suspected Bug Causes Network Outage After Upgrade

Polygon’s Suspected Bug

Decentralized scaling protocol Polygon has been hit by downtime for more than 11 hours following a bug experienced in the Heimdall layer during an upgrade.

The Polygon team has issued a statement saying that it has deployed a hotfix to sustain the block creation, though the same has not been affected.

The update has reportedly caused an error in Polygon’s ability to reach consensus. The team thinks that the bug caused Heimdall validators to be on a different version of the chain.

Following the outage, Polygon is yet to produce a new block in more than 11 hours, with the developers assuring users that they are working on the problem.

The developers of the layer-2 blockchain informed users on Thursday that the protocol would experience a downtime beginning at 5.50 pm UTC due to scheduled maintenance.

Polygon comprises three layers; Ethereum layer, Bor layer, and Heimdall layer. The Ethereum layer hosts smart contracts, the Bor layer produces blocks, while Heimdall hosts validator nodes.  

Source: Cointelegraph

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