A Bitcoin Whale Moves $913M worth of BTC across Multiple Wallets

A Bitcoin Whale Moves $913M

One of the top-ranking Bitcoin whales transferred over 15,078 bitcoins worth about $913 million early this week.

The transaction attracted about 0.00001660 BTC in transfer charges, estimated at $0.99, and the sending wallet retained no tokens.

The receiving wallet transferred most of the bitcoins in under an hour to a third wallet, which made a subsequent transfer to an unknown address in about one and a half hours. The fourth wallet also wired the funds to another unknown wallet at almost the same time.

The last receiving wallet now ranks as the 53rd largest bitcoin wallet after receiving about $898 million worth of BTC.

The transfer comes amid a crypto rout that has seen most coins plummet in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin was trading at $59,351.96 at the time of writing after dropping 0.29% in the past 24 hours and 11.03% in the past week.

Source: The Daily Hodl

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