New Japan Metaverse Association Push for Synergy in the Virtual Economy

Japan Metaverse Association

Four Japanese digital currency firms FXcoin, Ginco, Intelligence Unit, and Coinbest, have teamed up to create Japan Metaverse Association to strengthen business in the new space.

The partnership, expected to be launched on December 7, 2021, at Chuo Ward in Tokyo, aims to share information among members collected from within and outside Japan.

The CEO of FXcoin and JMA representative director Tomoo Onishi notes that blockchain and metaverse technology was complex. He adds that the available information was mostly in English. 

FXcoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform, while Ginco provides digital wallet solutions. Coinbest is a cryptocurrency asset management firm, while Intelligence Unit is a digital asset investment provider.

JMA announced that it is seeking to make Japan the leader in the Metaverse space. The outfit adds that there were a lot of opportunities in the virtual sector, just like in the real world.

Source: JMA

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