FTX CEO Expects Crypto Regulations to Spur Adoption in 2022

Crypto Regulations

Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX CEO and founder, says that he expects a series of global cryptocurrency regulations in 2022 that would work to streamline the sector.

The executive notes that the digital asset sector has attracted the attention of regulators worldwide, including the US Congress, SEC, and CFTC.

Mr. Bankman-Fried expects the new year to be busier as different jurisdictions search for a suitable regulatory framework, terming it as progress.

Sam believes that the developments in the cryptocurrency regulations would increase trading activities and the adoption of the asset class among institutional investors.

He also revealed that all the financial institutions he has interacted with are interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Sam expects 2022 to record a milestone in stablecoins regulations and to see significant developments in the NFT sector.

The remarks by the 29-year old entrepreneur echo that of Galaxy CEO Mike Novogratz, who maintains that bad crypto policies risk scaring away institutional adoption.

Source: Bloomberg

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