Sandbox Unveils a Metaverse Alpha Event, causing SAND to Hit New ATH

Sandbox Unveils a Metaverse Alpha Event

Sandbox has announced a play-to Earn Metaverse Alpha Event that would begin on November 29, causing the SAND price to hit a new all-time high of $3.42.   

A team of 5,000 users will get a chance to earn 1000 SAND, an equivalent of $3500, through time spent on the play-to-earn platform. 

Three NFTs representing a long sword, medieval-style gate, and a blue and black dragon useful in the Sandbox Metaverse will feature in the event.

The pass to the event would be an NFT ticket giving access to 5000 users. One thousand passes will be available in a raffle for the Sandbox Landowners, while an additional 2250 would be issued to Sandbox account holders in daily social contests within three weeks to Dec 20.

The alpha pass is also available for sale on OpenSea secondary market beginning 29th. Players without the pass would not qualify for Play-to-earn rewards but can access three experiences and the Alpha Hub.

The gaming firm revealed that the project has been in development for four years.

Source: Twitter

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