Intel Unveils New BTC Mining Chips With Hashrate up to 580 GH/s

Intel has unveiled the second generation of Bitcoin mining chip called Intel Blockscale ASIC, each with a hash rate of 580 gigahash per second and power efficiency of 26 joules per terahash.

The General Manager of Intel blockchain group, Jose Rios, says that Intel Blockscale ASIC will enhance sustainability and hash rate scaling in the future.

The progress made by the technology firm is expected to bring about more institutional adoption of Bitcoin mining with the benefit of sustainability.

Intel’s vice president and general manager, Balaji Kanigicherla, notes that the firm’s expertise in cryptography, hashing, and low voltage circuits makes it possible to compute power scaling and sustainability.

The environmental aspect of cryptocurrency mining has attracted the attention of regulators who cite the use of energy resources in an unsustainable manner. A section of the US lawmakers has demanded more scrutiny in the sector over climate change concerns.

Source: Coindesk

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