Florida Prepares State Agencies to Receive Taxes in Crypto

Taxes in Crypto

Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, has asked state agencies to prepare to receive tax payments in cryptocurrencies.

The governor says that the state is working on accepting Bitcoin as payment for tax, saying that systems are being prepared to accept remittances from businesses as well.

DeSantis cited in his announcement a proposal that he forwarded to the legislature to have funds allocated to prototypes that leverage blockchain technology in the state operations.

The Florida administrator thinks that risks accompany a digital dollar compared to cryptocurrencies.

DeSantis raised concerns that central authorities will work against the people’s will if they are left with the mandate to control their access to buying power.

The governor also raised concerns on the recent Biden administration executive order for the prospects of a CBDC and the directives to the policymakers to set recommendations on the sector.

Source: Youtube

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