Coinbase Engages Content Creators in Anticipated NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has met with over 100 content producers to plan the launch of its non-fungible token marketplace.

The announcement, which provided no details on the launch date, notes that the marketplace will have multiple tools and innovations of a kind in the market.

The US crypto exchange says that its offering will be differentiated by having a social function that connects artists and users in a community setup.

The firm’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, expects the NFT market to outperform cryptocurrencies. He adds that his plan is to develop a marketplace that provides immersive experiences akin to social media platforms.

The news follows a DappRadar report that rival NFT marketplace OpenSea recorded a 15% dip from transactions and active users in the past month. The trading volumes have equally dropped by 42.65%.

Source: Twitter

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