Elon Musk Dismisses Metaverse in Favor of Neuralink’s Technology

Elon Musk Dismisses Metaverse

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that Neuralink, a neurotechnology company he founded, is better than the metaverse in the long run.  

Musk says that the brain-machine interface technology provides an ideal virtual reality experience.

The centibillionaire thinks that people might not like to move around Virtual Reality headsets, which damage eyesight and cause motion sickness.

Musk is skeptical about the Web 3 ecosystem, terming it as more of a marketing stunt. He says he has not bought into the immersive technology yet.

The technology entrepreneur does not see a future where people would be in favor of a virtual world instead of a real one.

Musk founded Neuralink with the aim of using brain implants and computers to augment human capabilities. The executive notes that neurotechnology is ideal in addressing medical conditions like paralysis.

Source: The Babylon Bee Interview

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