A 2013 Wallet Holding 321 BTC Resurfaces Causing Speculations

BTC Resurfaces Causing Speculations

A dormant Bitcoin wallet with 321 BTC worth $15 million has been activated after remaining inactive for eight years.

The account owner of the waller, which has not completed any transaction since 2013, is unknown, and neither is the motive behind the activation.

The funds have appreciated exponentially from $6,594 in 2013 to $15,103,046 current value.

The reactivation has caused speculation within the Bitcoin community, with some saying that the funds could be owned by a whale or a consortium of investors about to shake the market.  

Multiple bitcoin addresses opened between 2011 and 2013 with millions of dollars have been reactivated recently. A wallet with 616 BTC was reactivated, and the funds were sent to multiple accounts on September 19.

A different bitcoin address with 225 BTC was also reactivated after nine years on Thursday, as early investors turn whales. 

Source: WhaleAlert

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