DOGE Ranks Among the Top Most-Purchased Tokens by Whales

Most-Purchased Tokens

Cryptocurrency Dogecoin has risen to the ten most purchased tokens’ list by BNB Chain whales, with profitability reaching 53%.

The meme token jumped from $0.082 on May 21 from a key level to a high of about $0.088 to consolidate gains on the third consecutive day. The surge comes after the token dipped as low as $0.065 in the month.

Cryptocurrency exchange OKX has announced the listing of Dogecoin against the USDC pair to start on May 23, at 7 am UTC. The token has consequently jumped 3.76% following the announcement to exchange for about $0.087.  

Other developments that are reportedly giving Doge some bullish momentum include the recent announcement by TAG Heuer that it will accept the token for payments in a deal with BitPay.

Large transactions are often linked to increased activity from institutional investors who are buying or selling. The transactions are upwards of $100,000.

Source: Twitter 

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