Wormhole Integrates Polygon to Its Bridging Solution amid Growing Multi-Chains

Wormhole Integrates Polygon

Wormhole multi-chain bridge protocol added Polygon on Tuesday, allowing users to transfer digital assets between the sidechain and other layer-one blockchains.

Hendrik Hofstadt, a lead Wormhole contributor, says that the project aims to bridge Polygon and decentralized networks like Solana, Terra Network, and Binance Smart Chain. Hofstadt says the addition will create synergies with the network’s diverse users and applications.

Polygon is the first sidechain added on Wormhole, which claims to have $540 million in wrapped assets value. 

Wormhole is a bridging solution used to transfer crypto assets to Solana. It is expected that it will bridge Solana and Polygon’s blockchain. 

Polygon has completed more than a billion transactions since its launch in 2020. The sidechain supports decentralized applications like Aave, Balancer, and Open Sea on Ethereum. The rise of the multi-chain era has led to the creation of interoperability bridges in the last six months.

Source: Cryptobriefing

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