Deep-Pocketed Crypto Investors Move $1.74B worth of BTC and ETH


Crypto Whale investors transferred about $1.74 billion worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum in 14 transactions during the weekend crypto crash.

Whale Alert tracker reports that the largest transaction was a transfer of 15,073.45 bitcoins worth $737.4 million across two wallets on Sunday.

The funds moved across seven addresses to the eighth destination, which is currently ranked as the 51st largest BTC holding address.

The transaction happened as another whale wired 10,000 bitcoins equivalent to $482 million from Binance exchange to the anonymous wallet.

Between Sunday and Monday, a BTC address with about 2,030 BTC worth about $99.3 million moved from an unknown wallet to Xapo. Another $45.44 million worth of bitcoins moved from an anonymous address to the Coinbase exchange.

11,999.999 ETH of an amount equivalent to $50.6 million shifted from Binance to an unknown wallet in the same period. Another significant transaction of 24,000 ETH worth $100.29 million moved from the Gemini exchange to an unknown destination.

Source: Dailyhodl

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