Solana Hit by Outage From Transactions in NFT Minting Bots

NFT Minting Bots

The Solana blockchain was affected by a seven-hour network outage between Saturday and Sunday caused by an influx of transactions from non-fungible tokens minting bots.

The transactions, about four million transactions or 100 gigabits of data per second, caused the network to shut at 8 pm UTC on Saturday.

The outage lasted seven hours later on Sunday, 3 am UTC, when the validators managed to restart the main blockchain.

Solana developers have blamed the traffic from the bots on their application for the crash, saying that the bots hoarded applications used by Solana NFT projects to launch Candy Machine collections.

The value of the native SOL tokens tanked 7% to trade at $84 as a result of the outage before recovering to about $89.

The latest technical challenge is the seventh time Solana has suffered downtime in the year, which the developers blame for high computation transactions.

Source: Twitter 

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