Coinbase Cloud Unveils Blockchain Solutions for Avalanche Developers

Blockchain Solutions for Avalanche Developers

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched a suite of blockchain tools and services to expand the Avalanche network under its Cloud services.

The exchange will run an Avalanche public validator node as part of the support. The node is expected to enable network users to stake AVAX tokens with Coinbase Cloud and validate transactions.

Coinbase has also added support of Avalanche’s AVAX token to provide developers with the needed documentation for deploying apps on the network.

Avalanche has been integrating the Bitcoin ecosystem via the Avalanche bridge, with the complete support expected in the second quarter.

Coinbase Cloud offers Web 3.0 infrastructure, including APIs and services to equip developers with products based on the technology.

Avalanche is a smart contracts protocol compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine that allows developers to deploy applications on its C-chain or as subnets. The blockchain hosts notable projects like Aave and Curve.

Source: Coinbase

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