Cardano’s Growing DeFi Adds ADA Wallets by Almost 500k

Cardano’s Growing DeFi

Cryptocurrency wallets on the Cardano network have surged by 453,121 in 2022 to 3,201,914, driven by the growing adoption of decentralized Finance.

The wallets have recorded an exponential growth, rising 1,200% from about 190,000 ADA wallets in December 2020 to about 2.5 million as of the same time in 2021.

Cardano accounts with ADA tokens between $100 and $100,000 in ADA tokens have surged in their crypto holding, reaching an all-time high as whale category addresses rise to ATH.

The head of ecosystem growth at Cardano, Morgan Schofield, says that the Snoop Dogg Cardano NFTs are set to be released after the asset sets a new milestone.

The American artist partnered with Cardano’s Clay Nation to launch unreleased music as non-fungible tokens. 

Schofield adds that Cardano has issued more than 4 million native tokens based on 50,000 minting policies. More than 4 million NFTs and non-ADA tokens are currently distributed on the network.


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