Coinbase and IDEG Join Efforts Prime for New ETH Fund

Coinbase and IDEG

Investment management company IDEG has launched an Ethereum Enhanced Portfolio fund in partnership with Coinbase Prime to track the price of Ethereum.

The Ethereum Enhanced Portfolio offers eligible investors exposure to the smart contract blockchain with risk-adjusted returns different from holding the actual asset.

IDEG’s representative, Ian Stirling, says that the fund is available for eligible investors in the US, with the minimum investment being $100,000.

The product partner of IDEG, Emma Hu, says the fund is expected to be part of the new TIMES array of products standing for Trust, Interest, Mining, Yield Earnings, and structured solutions.

Coinbase Prime will serve as the prime broker and custodian of the fund, which uses a futures arbitrage strategy to enhance returns and even volatility.

The Ethereum fund is introduced as a digital assets instrument, having seen traction among institutional investors for its diversification in the volatile ecosystem.

Bitcoin-focused products have seen an increase in fund outflows totaling $131.8 million in redemptions, with ether-based funds reporting $15.3 million.

Source: Coindesk

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