BitMart Unblocks Support for Ether, to Replace Deposit Addresses

BitMart Unblocks Support for Ether

BitMart cryptocurrency exchange has re-opened its Ethereum withdrawals and deposits service, three days following a security breach that led to the loss of $200 million.

The exchange CEO Sheldon Xia says that the company will shortly restore deposit services in other cryptocurrencies.

BitMart notes that it is replacing all bitcoin, Solana, and Ethereum deposit addresses and urged users to log out of their addresses and log back in to ensure they have the right accounts.

The hackers stole $100 million of various Ethereum-based crypto assets and $96 million in the Binance Smart Chain. Xia later confirmed that leaked private security keys contributed to the heist.

The announcement comes as the exchange distributes 1 million BMX, its native tokens, in a loyalty promotion to its users with USDT. BMX is an ERC20 token with over 170 million circulating supply.

Source: Twitter

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