Customer Traffic and Volume Recovery in Supermarkets

By Andrea Figueras


Casino Guichard-Perrachon has announced that customer traffic and volume activity in its supermarkets are recovering as expected in recent weeks. Additionally, the company’s hypermarket operations are showing the first signs of improvement.

Supermarket Recovery

According to Casino, customer traffic at its supermarkets has turned positive and grown by 4% over the last four weeks. This recovery comes after experiencing falls in weekly traffic of up to 10% at the end of the first quarter.

Sales volumes in supermarkets have also shown improvement, with a decrease of only 2% over the last four weeks. This is a significant recovery from the weekly falls of 24% experienced six months ago. Last week, supermarket volumes remained flat.

Casino credits these positive trends in supermarket traffic and volumes to tariff readjustments made earlier this year.

Hypermarket Improvements

In comparison to supermarkets, customer traffic at Casino’s hypermarkets has experienced a decline of 10% over the last four weeks. Similarly, volumes have decreased by 20% during this period. However, Casino emphasizes that these figures represent a sequential improvement from earlier trends.

The company states, “We are seeing the first signs of a trend reversal, with a narrowing of the gap with the market in terms of volumes.” At the end of the first quarter, weekly hypermarket volumes were down by 32%.

Gradual Recovery

Casino acknowledges that the recovery of hypermarkets will be more gradual compared to supermarkets. This is primarily due to the fact that price adjustments require more time and advertising efforts.


Overall, Casino Guichard-Perrachon is optimistic about the recovery of customer traffic and sales volumes in both supermarkets and hypermarkets. The company remains committed to implementing effective strategies to further improve these numbers.

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